War in Ukraine

Fondemos works alongside the NGO Ukrainian Medical Aid Committee (http://cam-z.org/en/ /), an association that provides aid to Ukrainians located a few kilometers from the Slovak and Hungarian borders, acting as an interface to collect and distribute donations.


Nataliya Kabatsiy, director of the committee, describes the situation on the ground and calls for mobilization in an interview given to La Vie: “Two French associations, Safe and Fondemos, have agreed to act as an interface to collect donations from France. We need financial donations, but also medicines, medical equipment, baby food, diapers, quilts, etc. From individuals, we only accept financial donations (for logistical reasons). However, we do accept material donations from companies,” she explains.

The city hall of the 15th arrondissement of Paris is also mobilized to collect donations: “Due to the war in Ukraine, the need for aid locally is significant and growing. The City Hall of the 15th arrondissement has decided to take part in the great movement of mutual aid to Ukraine by organizing a donation campaign soliciting the general public, health personnel and companies“, it announces on its website, calling on donors to come to the lobby of the City Hall of the 15th arrondissement to participate in the donation campaign.

Checks should be made out to one of the two associations in the 15th district working with the NGO Ukraine Medical Aid Committee (Safe – Ukraine Emergency or Fondemos – Ukraine Emergency) and should be deposited in the box specially installed for this purpose in the lobby of the Town Hall.

Transfers are also possible for each association via the following IBANs:

IBAN association SAFE : FR76 4255 9100 0008 0037 6897 983 – BIC : CCOPFRPPXXX
IBAN association Fondemos : FR76 3000 4000 8400 0100 6800 497 BIC : BNPAFRPPXXX

To obtain a tax receipt, donors via Fondemos must make themselves known (name, contact information, date and amount of the donation) either in the envelope of their check or by email at tresorier@fondemos.com.

Jacques will answer your questions at +33 6 82 57 82 77.